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This site provides useful information and current cruising conditions for two amazing destinations, Cuba and the Down East Circle Route through the Canadian Maritimes. Both regions are superb cruising locations rich in heritage and culture, scenery and adventure. We have made it our career to learn all we can about sailing and traveling throughout Cuba and Atlantic Canada and we are delight to pass our 18 plus years of knowledge onto you. Our cruising guides are the most comprehensive and up-to-date pilot books available.

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Cuba Book cover

Cruising Guide to Cuba Vol. 1

Cheryl Barr has made more than a dozen cruises to Cuba researching and exploring it's coastal waters. With all the information she has gathered, Cheryl has compiled...

DownEast Book cover

Down East Circle Route

The expression “Down East” was coined in the 1800s by the navigators on square-rigged ships, in particular the clipper ships working the cargo trade between Europe and Australia....

Cruising Guide to Cuba Vol. 2

Cruising Guide to Cuba Volume 2 will provide detailed cruising information for the eastern regions of Cuba (Trinidad to Varadero via Santiago). A distribution time is anticipated for late 2016.

Cape Breton Newfoundland Cover

Canadian Maritimes

One of the most remarkable cruising grounds on the east coast of North America is Atlantic Canada. To get there follow the Down East Circle Route and then spend some time...